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Welcome to PCE

Pallavan Charitable and Educational Trust strives to offer education par excellence and imbibe value education in general and the values of teacher education in particular and inculcate the qualities of leadership for the students under its canapy.Further the trust aims for providing affordable quality teacher education for the socially,educationally,economically backward students hailing from rural backward areas.

The NADT, VKK sangam,the parent organisation of this trust is doing yeoman service in the field of education since 1955.

The Pallavan college of education functioning under Pallavan Charitable and Educational Trust aspires to be a first rate teacher training institution and play crucial role in the development of education.Teachers are not only born but also made and can be made through good programmed pre service and in-service teacher training programme.The avowed object of this instituion is to impart teacher training well conversant with the science of teaching and make them familiar with the intricacies of teaching and learning process and provide education programme in order to produce first quality teachers capable of responding to the future challenges of this field with their innovative methods of teaching.